Mission and Values

Mission Statement

At BCA, we value each student as an individual and as part of a community; we develop all aspects of their personhood with excellence, according to God's highest purpose for their "heart, soul, and mind."

Mission Rationale
  1. There is no higher calling than to love God and serve His kingdom. The ultimate point of our existence is to join ourselves and our wills to the work of God in His creation.
  2. The ideal is for students and staff to serve Christ not only while being a member of the BCA community, but to continue on in that world view as alumni wherever they may go.
  3. It is important to understand that every aspect of our lives (from praying to playing) should be for the glory of God and be seen as a potential contribution to His kingdom.
  4. The only way Christians can continue making a fruitful contribution to God's kingdom when they leave BCA is for them to be connected with other believers.
  5. The only way they will seek out other Christians when they leave BCA is if the love of Christ, the fellowship of His church, and the leading of the Holy Spirit are so attractive here that they do not want to ever be without such an experience in the future.


Spirtual Formation