At Briercrest Christian Academy, we are committed to providing students with an educational experience that will develop every aspect of their being to their fullest potential. Jesus teaches us that His greatest commandments are to "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind … [and to] love your neighbour as yourself'" (Matthew 22:36, NIV). We believe that God has called us to address the whole person through a program of strong academics, varied extracurricular options, and intentional spiritual nurturing. This is the kind of education that can change you, and then change your world through you.

As a body of learning, we are part of each student's journey of faith and career preparation--not just a destination point. Briercrest Christian Academy, an important facet of Briercrest College and Seminary, provides a unique learning environment where students enjoy spiritual, academic, and extracurricular activities that enable us more fully to walk this journey with them. What's so unique? Well, we get to blend the best of both worlds in many ways.

It is our deepest hope and prayer that this unique school will become a place where you can be called closer to faith and, in turn, draw your world closer to Christ.

Deborah Ike, Principal
Briercrest Christian Academy